Endeavor Partnership

The Endeavor Partnership is a local business law firm contributing towards creating the ‘Teesside Pound’. The Endeavour Partnership understands the importance, and benefits, of working with local suppliers to support a local supply chain where possible, creating a circular economy to help our area thrive.

Video transcript

Hi everyone, I’m Lee Bramley, I’m the Managing Partner at the Endeavour Partnership, the largest commercial law firm in the Tees Valley.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on all businesses in one way or another, and the team here at Endeavour are continuing to work remotely in order to support our clients. All of our teams enjoy regular contact with businesses in order to understand the challenges that they face.

The firm has been around for 20 years, we have always been proud of our Teesside roots. The truth is we couldn’t have built up the client base that we have without Tees Valley businesses having faith in the advice that we give and buying locally. Now more than ever, it’s important to continue this trend and back the region by supporting the businesses in our area so that we can all come out of this together and stronger.

The firm has a long history of buying local when possible, and it’s something that’s important to us. We use various service providers, such as Erimus Insurance Brokers, Anderson-Barrowcliff Chartered Accountants, they are not only local but good at what they do. Good businesses are right here on our doorstep. We are so certain of that, that we have developed a list of strategic partners in the area to ensure that our clients get the best support from advisors that we trust, with services that we don’t provide. This helps us to add value to our client relationships.

Our biggest resource of course remains our team and we are proud to employ the vast majority of our people from the area, most of the partners are Teesside born and bred, and our desire to develop people within the organisation has helped to add to our success. As a region and as a business community I am certain we can come through this stronger by continuing to share our experiences and supporting each other where we can, that includes buying local. Thank you and stay safe!