Rounton Coffee

Rounton Coffee made sure they gave back to their community by giving our local NHS lots of lovely coffee to keep them going!

Buying from local businesses often means that money is recycled back into the community and local people remain in jobs or new jobs could even be created!

Video transcript

We’re fortunate in the sense that as a coffee roaster we’re still able to roast coffee. We’ve got an e-commerce site so we’re still able to send coffee out through Royal Mail and you know that’s one saving grace at the very least.

The other thing as well as a small business, what we tried to do is before the lockdown we wanted to offer free coffees to the NHS because we realized how much of a monumental task that was on their hands and we wanted to contribute as much as we could.

Now understandably after only a few days of that scheme we had to abandon that because we needed to close the shops and just isolate and you know practice social distancing, so so what we’ve been able to do, and as a small business I’m really quite proud and pleased to be able to to say this but we, instead of the NHS to come to us, we’ve managed to send the coffee to them!

So we installed a coffee machine at the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough and then we’ve also started to supply coffee to not only James Cook but the new Nightingale Hospital in Harrogate and also the Friarage in Northallerton as well so we’ve committed to send the equivalent of 20,000 cups of coffee to the NHS. I wish we could do more but coffee is all that we know so we can at least keep the NHS caffeinated.

And I just want to say that we aren’t just the only business that’s doing remarkable things, there’s plenty of businesses that are in our area that are really going above and beyond, and it really just does show you the ability for small businesses to adapt, and and we hope that by making these contributions that we can we can do our part because we know that we’ve had so much help and support from our local community that this is only something that we feel compelled to do.

So if there was ever a shout out to say support local business then I genuinely think that this is it, so please stay safe and hopefully once this is all over we’ll be able to share a cup of coffee back in this place which yeah could do with a few people in it. Okay thanks and stay safe.